Fat + Frantic

Well... Fat and Frantic were a band that were around between 1985 and 1992. They toured the country on regular occasions, one of the last being with Trev and Simon (of BBC Saturday morning TV fame)

It has been said many times that they played a mixture of gospel and skiffle which they called "goffle". and that some people accused them of playing a mix of punk and skiffle, called "piffle".

There was a reunion gig in 1998, but have not really been heard from since.

They regularly frequented Greenbelt Arts Festival in the summers of the late 80's, and to their fans, brought such phrases into their vocabulary as "I want to be the chairman of the National Trust", "Last night my wife hoovered my head" and "I was born to be a Brownie and to frolic in the woods".

Some of you reading this, may well remember being "werewolf's" on the floor of whatever venue you happened to be in, waiting for the climax of "The Dirtville Werewolf".

Agressive Sunbathing Album back cover

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The Band was credited on Albums as:

  • Jon Soper (Fat)- Guitar, Vocals
  • Silas Crawley - Washboard, Percussion, Vocals
  • Jim Harris - Trumpet, Percussion, Washboard, Vocals

On the first album there was also:

  • John Lodge-Patch - Bass, etc

On Subsequent Albums:

  • Craig McLeish (Tuff) - Bass, Lead Acoustic, Percussion, Vocals

Also at other times:

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As far as we can tell they are doing this: (do get in touch if you have further info)

  • They're all married and have kids.
  • Fat is currently a clergyman in the Church of England
  • Silas ran a youth club in Bristol for eight years, he is now working in drug rehabilitation and with a church for the homeless. He has 5 kids!
  • Jim is an 'Academic Art Historian' (what a cool job title).
  • Simon is being a carpenter.
  • Tuff is arranging and producing.
  • Nigel is teaching, playing keyboards and producing Vineyard albums.


Many thanks to Ricky Carvel for some source material for this site.