Fat + Frantic

I have 3 videos produced by Fat and Frantic, and at somepoint I'm sure I'll get them posted on YouTube so that everyone can enjoy them too.

Last Night My Wife Hoovered my Head
Limited Edition Video - No. 196 of 200
Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head Video Brian Video
  Brian Video Spine
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Fat and Frantic on Friday teh 14th Video

Fat and Frantic - Friday 14th

"IN CONCERT introduced by Simon Mayo":

  • Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head
  • Not Enough Naken Men at Breakfast
  • Darling Doris
  • Arrow of Doubt
  • It's You
  • Wlking on Tears
  • Fruit Machine
  • Brian!

"NOT IN CONCERT intorduced by FAF"

  • Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head
  • Brian!
  • I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
"Join supercult band FAT AND FRANTIC on their last day together before splitting up and returning to relative normality. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of that truly emotional da. Experience with them the highs and lows of rock 'n' roll life as they combine the romance of Valentine's Day with the horror of reliving the past, on that poignant day - Friday 14th February 1992."
Includes footage from Greenbelt 1990 - introduced by Simon Mayo live on Radio 1